21 May 2013

East End MSP, John Mason, recently paid a special visit to Swinton Primary School’s P6 class.

Twenty-three pupils from the East End school wrote to Mr Mason asking him to visit their primary six class and give a talk as part of their study on elections.

Speaking after his recent visit to Swinton Primary School, Mr Mason said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to P6 and I am grateful to Miss Russell and the pupils for the invite to come in and talk about my work as an MSP.

“The kids are currently doing a study on elections and alliteration, so I was interested to hear about their respective election campaigns.  I was also very impressed with their combination of political party names and alliteration, such as the “Penguin Party”, “Cruel Crunchie Cereal Party” and “Positive Pupil Patrol Party”, as well as many others!

“I really enjoy visiting Schools and, funnily enough, you often find that the kids questions tend to be a little more direct than those I get on the doorsteps.  All in all, it was an excellent visit and it’s a pleasure to see Swinton Primary continuing on with such good work”.