Updated Statement: Glasgow Road Care Home

12 Apr 2013

Ihave now received a statement from Meallmore including the statement below. I think this clarifies matters a little. The City Council has also confirmed that planning permission is the same for a care facility whether or not it includes a mental health element.

“To address  concerns raised recently by the local community I would like to reassure you that we have not changed our plans for Baillieston.  Meallmore is a leading provider of care for elderly people and those living with mental health conditions and it was always intended that Baillieston will provide mental health care services. 

We are still in discussions with the health and social care commissionaires about the exact care services.  However, we can confirm the home will be similar in nature to our home in Rosyth (Hilton Court), which provides care and rehabilitation services for people with a range of mental health related conditions including anorexia, bulimia and  depression. 

Our home in Baillieston will provide an important health and social  support  service for local vulnerable adults with similar mental health conditions who require additional care and support in a safe and supportive environment.  It will not be a secure unit or a psychiatric  hospital facility.

Hilton Court has been providing mental health care for the last 10 years and has integrated very well within the local community.  The home has been particularly successful in caring for its residents and helping them take positive steps towards independent living.

We believe this home will benefit the local community, not only in providing a local health service for local vulnerable people but through investment in the area, generating 50 new jobs and rejuvenating a disused site.”