13 Mar 2013

Shettleston’s MSP, John Mason, has reacted with anger at the Royal Bank of Scotland’s plans to close its Shettleston branch, which will leave just one RBS branch to cover the entire Glasgow Shettleston constituency.

The news comes on the same week that RBS have closed the doors of their Bridgeton branch on London Road.

Mr Mason has demanded a meeting RBS decision makers to query their reasons for closing the popular branch.

Commenting, Glasgow Shettleston’s MSP, John Mason said:

“This is totally unacceptable.  RBS are already in the process of closing Bridgeton Branch – now they want to close a second branch on Shettleston Road.  That will leave just one RBS branch left in my constituency to serve over 70,000 people.

“Anyone who has been in the Shettleston branch will know just how busy it is.  I myself have often had to stand in a queue there waiting to be served, so I cannot fathom why RBS have taken this decision which I am sure will be met with much public anger.

“I have requested a meeting with RBS decision makers and will be asking how they can possibly justify this decision.  A key point here is what consultation have RBS carried out with local customers who did, after all, bail out the banks!

“I must say, given the problems facing the East End, this is a bitter blow to local people and I imagine it will lead to harsh criticism of RBS for an apparent abandonment of the poorest in our society once again.

“Internet access is also lower in our area than in more affluent parts so that makes it doubly hard for people to lose a key branch like this.  RBS must think again.”