S4M-04795: Family Support in the Calton

13 Nov 2012

S4M-04795 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament congratulates Aberlour Childcare Trust on successfully launching its new Family Support Service in the Calton area of Glasgow; notes that the service will build on Aberlour’s 20 years of work with families affected by substance use and offer short and long-term residential family rehabilitation programmes in a 12-flatted custom-built development to vulnerable families across the city; recognises the partnership between Aberlour and Thenue Housing Association, which has enabled this project to become a reality; notes what it considers the unique and holistic nature of support offered by the service in its focus on the needs and challenges faced by every member of the family, and applauds what it believes is the vital contribution of voluntary sector organisations such as Aberlour in its work with Glasgow addiction services and other statutory partners to mitigate the harmful effects of substance misuse on family life.