22 Nov 2012

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, is taking the campaign to save local postal services to Holyrood.

With one sorting office already closed in the Shettleston ward of Glasgow Shettleston constituency, Mr Mason and local communities are now fighting to ensure residents in Bridgeton and Baillieston are still able to collect their letters for free.

The local MSP has tabled a motion in Holyrood which, if it attracts cross-party support, will lead to a full parliamentary debate.

John Mason, SNP MSP the East End, commented:

“We must do all we can to oppose privatisation of Royal Mail and I hope MSPs of all parties can sign this motion which could lead to a full parliamentary debate.

“During my time at Westminster the then Labour Government was flirting with privatising Royal Mail but thankfully they saw the error of their ways.

“Privatising Royal Mail will lead to more instances where people have to pay for services which previously were free and this needs to be fought tooth and nail.  Royal Mail is an essential public service that must remain in public hands.  For the sake of our local communities I sincerely hope Scottish MPs can heap pressure on the UK Government to fight these fundamentally flawed plans that will have an adverse impact on local communities across the country”.