S4M-02942: Getting the Right Relationship with Money

03 Aug 2012

S4M-02942 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament notes the recent publication of the Sunday Times Rich List 2012, which highlights what it considers the unacceptable gap between the rich and poor in society; further notes the report of the Church of Scotland Special Commission on the Purposes of Economic Activity, A Right Relationship with Money; endorses the report’s four priorities of reducing inequality, ending poverty, ensuring sustainability and promoting mutuality, and commends the action points including the need to reduce injurious levels of personal debt, introducing a maximum interest rate of 40% APR, the promotion of financial education, the promotion and expansion of the credit union movement, support for the minimum wage to be raised toward the level of the living wage, an end to the UK’s support for tax havens, encouragement of the mutual and cooperative sectors of the Scottish economy and the introduction of a minimum price for alcohol.