S4M-01861: Narrowing the Gap between the Rich and Poor

03 Aug 2012

S4M-01861 John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (Scottish National Party): That the Parliament notes the evidence on the subject of fair pay in the public sector by Will Hutton at the meeting of the Finance Committee on 25 January 2012; further notes what it considers to be an excessive remuneration package of some £1.2 million in salary and a £963,000 bonus for the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is 82% owned by the taxpayer; contrasts what is considered this excessive pay and bonus with the many people in Glasgow Shettleston and other constituencies across Scotland who are struggling to make ends meet in low-paid jobs; regrets that the gap between rich and poor continues to widen, and further regrets that the Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the public sector: Final Report did not recommend that the remuneration of an organisation’s highest-paid employee should be capped at 20 times that of the lowest paid.