30 Aug 2012

Labour can’t square the circle while supporting the Tories

Labour’s leadership are being caught in a trap of confusion in their anti-independence pact with the Tories as Margaret Curran attacks the Westminster government’s policies which lead to unemployment costing households in Scotland £450 per year – and yet at the same time she is joined at the hip with the Tories in telling people in Scotland that we are better off under a Westminster government.

Labour MP for the East End, Ms Curran outlined that the UK Government’s £18 billion welfare cuts would mean £2 billion of cuts in Scotland, which would have a “brutal effect”.  And yet the Shadow Scottish Secretary has been campaigning with the Tories to preserve the political status quo which allows Westminster to make those decisions for Scotland.  

John Mason, SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, commented:

“This is typical of the totally confused and incoherent position of the Labour leadership in Scotland as they find themselves in cahoots with the Tories on Scotland’s constitutional and economic future.

“It is unfathomably confused to say that families will be better off with Westminster making decisions for Scotland whilst simultaneously saying it is making them £450 poorer.  It will confuse Labour supporters and members in particular who will be wondering why their leadership has become so attached to the idea of allowing the Tory government to continue making such decisions for Scotland.

“Labour are unable to square the circle of supporting the Tories on Scotland’s constitutional and economic future whilst attacking them for making people worse off in Scotland.

“The best way to ensure a stable and prosperous future Scotland is with decisions taken by a Scottish Parliament, 100% directly elected by the people of Scotland, rather than Westminster governments and politicians whose approach to Scotland is one riddled with inconsistency and incoherence.”