27 Jun 2012

SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, has welcomed the UK Government’s climb-down on a proposed 3p rise in fuel duty, planned for August, following a campaign at Westminster led by the Scottish National Party.

The East End MSP commented:

“The last thing people need is further fuel tax increases, and the fact that this was even proposed by the UK Government shows how out of touch they are with family budgets.

“Fair Fuel UK deserves great credit for pursuing this matter so successfully along with the SNP in the Commons, as do a number of MPs across all parties who have now forced the Chancellor to think again.

“Although they have been made to see sense on this proposed rise, the UK Government are not making fuel costs any cheaper – and they continue to take the lions share of what is taken at the pumps in tax.

“All of this only serves to strengthen the case for Scotland, and not the UK Government, to determine the prices paid at Scotland’s petrol pumps”.