31 May 2012

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, has challenged Labour on Glasgow City Council to get moving with its promise to rebuild or refurbish every Glasgow School.

The SNP MSP for Glasgow’s East End used a parliamentary question in Holyrood today (Thursday) to ask Schools Minister, Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, what additional support schools within close proximity to the Commonwealth Games could receive in the run up to 2014. Mr Mason made reference to a number of school buildings in the East End – some only a stone’s throw away from Games venues – which are in incredibly poor condition.

Shettleston MSP, John Mason, commented:

“As a result of Labour’s 30-year legacy in Glasgow City Council, we still have decaying schools all over the East End that fall way short of the mark expected by teachers, parents and council tax payers.

“In just two years’ time the eyes of the world will be on the East End for the Commonwealth Games, which is a great opportunity for this part of Glasgow. The skyline across the East End is transforming rapidly but some of the local schools really could do with being refurbished and brought into line with our new facilities.

“I accept that Labour won an overall majority during May’s election and they did that off the back of a manifesto commitment to rebuild and refurbish every Glasgow School. At the time, many thought that it was a pretty hard commitment to deliver on but Gordon Matheson, in his usual blustering fashion, has been confident he can do it, so – with the 2014 Games coming to the East End – I hope Councillor Matheson and the Council will put their money where their mouth is and deliver for schools like St Michael’s Primary and others in the East End.”

SNP Councillor for Calton ward, Alison Thewliss, added:

“It’s great that so many new family homes are being built as part of the Commonwealth Games legacy; I believe that it’s also a golden opportunity to invest in local schools. Pupils, parents and teachers have been asking for better facilities for a long time, and Labour must now deliver on their promises.”