28 May 2012

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Shettleston, John Mason, has welcomed the YES Scotland launch of the independence campaign.

A coalition of Scots including politicians, celebrities, and community leaders gathered in Edinburgh on Friday to launch a cross party group that will campaign for full Scottish independence – the most significant opportunity for Scotland in over 300 years.

The MSP for Glasgow’s East End, John Mason, commented:

“There is a real feeling that we are on the brink of making history here in Scotland. I am really excited about the future of our nation.

“The opportunities independence brings are endless and I look forward to continuing to make the case for Scotland standing on its own two feet and taking the decisions that other normal independent countries take themselves every day. Why shouldn’t Scotland too decide for itself how much our pensioners receive, whether we spend money on health or nuclear weapons, and how we use our amazing oil and renewable resources?

“It is clear that the eyes of the world are on Scotland now for this, our independence referendum, and the next two years will be crucial as Scotland takes its next step in this constitutional journey.

“Over the next two years we will have a proper detailed debate on Scotland’s future. That debate has already started in workplaces, taxis, buses, churches and pubs all across the land. The challenge for us who favour independence is to encourage those who are unsure that we really would benefit from taking this step. We need to put forward a strong argument for self-determination and take Scotland onward to the normal status of an independent country.”