02 Mar 2012

Scottish National Party MSP, John Mason, is hoping East Enders will use National No Smoking Day as an opportunity to give up the habit. Smoking continues to be one of the main causes of preventable illness and death in Scotland, and with Wednesday 14th March being this year’s date to highlight the benefits of giving up cigarettes, Mr Mason hopes more residents in Glasgow Shettleston will take advantage of this opportunity.

Commenting, John Mason MSP said:

“People start smoking at different ages and for a wide variety of reasons, however doing so over a long-term period significantly damages your health. This is something I am particularly aware of as my own father was a heavy smoker prior to his death. His own father had also smoked heavily and lived into his 80s and I think my father thought he could do the same. However, sadly this was not the case.

“Whether it be only a few each day, or many, it all adds up eventually and most smokers if given the choice, want to give up.

“The smoking ban in 2006 in public places made it increasingly unacceptable to smoke socially, and there is little incentive to stand outside pubs, clubs, and workplaces.

“The feeling of success in giving up smoking and leading a healthier, more active lifestyle, is priceless and there is plenty of professional support available from the health service. National No Smoking Day is another great opportunity to get rid of the habit.”