22 Feb 2012

Glasgow Shettleston MSP, John Mason, today (Wednesday) raised the issue of School trips to the Scottish Parliament. Mr Mason was questioning the SPCB (Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body) which governs the Parliament.

During his exchange with the SPCB, the Glasgow MSP drew attention to the fact that many schools would like the opportunity to visit the Parliament, but are restricted in doing so partly because of the cost of travel to Edinburgh.

Speaking from the Scottish Parliament, SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, said:

“When the Scottish Parliament was built, one of Enric Miralles’ main aims was to make the Scottish Parliament look, feel and be accessible for the public. At a time when the public feel distant from their politicians, it is crucial that access to the Parliament is widely available.

“Since being elected as the East End’s MSP in May 2011, I have been travelling around a number of education establishments and there is an issue that many schools from the more disadvantaged areas in my constituency are simply unable to visit the Parliament because of the cost of travel.

“I accept that times are tough financially and I am not asking for a bottomless pit of money, but I am conscious that, in some of the better off areas, parents are able to contribute towards the cost of getting their kids on these kind of trips, whereas in some other parts of my constituency, this is simply not possible.

“In today’s debate I received a relatively vague answer from the SPCB but I will continue to raise this in the Parliament, because I am concerned that access to Holyrood is somewhat restricted for schools from certain backgrounds.”