16 Jan 2012

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, has been identifying faulty street lighting in Glasgow’s East End where, in some cases, whole streets have been left in darkness. The Shettleston MSP was planning to attend a local meeting but it did not go ahead, so he embarked on a mission to list as many faulty street lights as possible.

Commenting, John Mason MSP said:

“In just two hours I managed to list eighty-five faulty street lights from driving around the East End. On top of that I could see others were off but either could not stop the car near them or did not have time.

“I appreciate that we’ve had some dreadful weather over the last month, but I know from living in the East End, that a number of lighting columns have been off longer than that and it’s time the Council got them sorted.

“I’ve sent my list to Glasgow City Council which includes a lot of the main roads but I would encourage residents to identify and report faulty street lights on their own street. To report a faulty street light, just call the Council’s roads and lighting department on 0800 37 36 35. It helps if you can give the “R” number on the lamppost together with the street name. If residents find the Council is not responding, I am happy to hear about it and I will chase them up.

“It’s getting dark around 4pm these days, with sunrise around 8am, so it’s important that these street lights are on to keep residents safe walking to and from their homes”.