19 Jan 2012

SNP Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, today (Thursday) commented on the latest situation at London Road where properties and businesses remain closed due to a damaged building.

The properties and businesses were evacuated on Glasgow’s London Road last Friday afternoon and have remained closed since. Local MSP John Mason, working with SNP Councillor Alison Thewliss, have been keeping up to date with the latest information and relaying it to the public.

Speaking from the Scottish Parliament, the SNP’s John Mason MSP, whose constituency includes Bridgeton, said:

“This has been a pretty horrific time for some of my constituents, a number of whom have been left homeless and, in the case of some international students, who have become separated from their visas, passports and other vital documentation required for travelling and studying.

“I was in Bridgeton last Friday shortly after the buildings and shops were evacuated and have been keeping in contact with Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police since then.

“Like many residents, I am concerned that, almost a week on, action is still very slow and this is having a significant impact on peoples’ lives, local transport and the local economy.

“My understanding of the process is that the Council will formally write to all owners, indicating their intention to serve notice, and asking them to indicate their intentions about responding to its conditions. This must be a priority in order to get Bridgeton back to normal again.

“Turning to the issue of entry to the building to recover possessions, it has now been agreed that further requests for access will be dealt with in a more “controlled manner” with short supervised visits to individual properties and the police assisting Council staff. The Council have stated that they hope to be in a position to do this on Friday, however, it should be noted that Council staff must inspect the property directly prior to any access being given. If the Council find the structure has deteriorated further then they may conclude no further access of this type is possible.

“Clearly my top priority is the safety and well-being of local people and that is why I am determined to ensure all agencies, police, local government and the Scottish Government, if need be, are working together to restore some normality to London Road and the Bridgeton area.”