31 Oct 2011

Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre in Glasgow’s East End has received a donation of £5,680 from the Bank of Scotland Foundation.

SNP MSP for Glasgow Shettleston, John Mason, took the opportunity to meet Reidvale Youth ‘N’ Action to find out more about how they will use the award to develop areas of the community and its youth programme.

Local MSP, John Mason, said:

“Paul McIlvenny and his team already do a lot of great work in the community and this donation will help them to continue to provide invaluable support.”

The Bank of Scotland Foundation is an independent charity working with charities across Scotland supporting people and their local communities.

Kate Guthrie, Chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and HR Director, Insurance, Lloyds Banking Group said:

“We’ve had a fantastic response to the Small Grants Programme and are delighted to make these awards to very deserving organisations such as the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre.”

The Foundation receives an annual donation of £1m from Lloyds Banking Group to fund the Foundation’s Small Grants Programme and Employee Matched Giving Scheme.

The Foundation aims to help individuals and groups work together to ensure a better quality of life within their community and is particularly interested in helping: –

• initiatives designed to encourage the involvement in the community of those too often excluded;

• working with people on low incomes, at risk from poverty or with problems finding accommodation; and

• improving the standard of local facilities

Building the confidence and competence of everyone about finance is also a particular priority for the Bank of Scotland Foundation and in order to achieve this, it is committed to supporting financial literacy and financial inclusion initiatives right across Scotland.