04 Oct 2011

The SNP have today welcomed evidence given to the Scotland Bill Committee by a number of leading experts who criticised the bill in its current form.

At its evidence session, industry professionals from a number of organisations including SCVO, SCoWR and Citizens Advice Scotland, criticised the bill for not going far enough in protecting Scotland’s most vulnerable, saying it was “driven by narrow political concerns”.

Commenting, Scotland Bill committee member and SNP MSP for Shettleston, John Mason, said:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the Scotland Bill does not go far enough in devolving the necessary powers needed to the Scottish Parliament.

“The range of evidence we heard during this session all highlighted the need for greater control of welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament, especially in the face of the unprecedented £18bn of cuts to benefits and tax credits.

“The SNP would like combine our economic, health and social policy objectives with those of our welfare system, creating a fairer Scotland which addresses the true need of our citizens.

“Too often when it comes to tackling social problems Scotland’s is operating with one hand tied behind our backs.

“The UK Government must listen to the concerns voiced today and allow the devolution of the powers needed to properly protect our most vulnerable.”