23 Aug 2011

Local SNP MSP for the East End, John Mason, is backing a campaign urging kind-hearted East Enders to pledge £3 each to help maintain vital services for people in Glasgow living with Huntington’s disease.

The Scottish Huntington’s Association’s FiftyFifty campaign aims to raise £30,000 via mobile phone and direct donations over the next 12 months to help 37 local families affected by the fatal but little-known disease.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a hereditary neurological condition which causes a critical area of the brain to atrophy and eventually die, leading to a gradual decline in muscle function. Over the course of 15 to 25 years – from the first appearance of symptoms – people with the condition also lose the ability to walk, talk, eat and self-care. Their ability to think, make decisions and exercise judgement can be affected and they can also suffer emotional and mental health problems.

Speaking of his support for the campaign, SNP MSP John Mason said:

“Without support from public donations, there is a danger that the Scottish Huntington’s Association will be unable to continue offering their current level of support to local people affected by Huntington’s disease.

“As the only Scottish charity dedicated to helping families affected by HD, the Scottish Huntington’s Association provides an invaluable lifeline and their services are vital to helping people enjoy the highest possible quality of life

“The East End is well known for its generosity and big-heartedness, so I would encourage local people to do their bit to help the campaign and donate just £3 by texting HDSCOTLAND7 to 70003”.