14 Feb 2011

BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) has written to candidates in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election seeking their support. John Mason has signed up to the points they are campaigning on which include:

• More should be done to reduce the number of animals used in experiments.
John strongly agrees

• Universities in Scotland should be required to publish more information on the animal experiments they conduct (except confidential and personal information).
John strongly agrees

• Scotland should lead in supporting and developing non-animal research, including financial incentives such as tax breaks and match-funding.
John strongly agrees

John says, “I do believe in a human life being worth more than an animal life. However, we humans have a responsibility to look after animals and to protect them from cruelty and unnecessary suffering. Experimenting on animals should be absolutely the last resort and only where human health is concerned, never for cosmetic products.”

Previously John was the first Scottish MP to have his constituency office accredited by BUAV as animal cruelty free. This meant that he and his staff committed to all cleaning products and the like being certified cruelty free. Amongst the major supermarket chains the Co-op are considered to be the most trustworthy in this regard.

See also www.buav.org