18 Dec 2010

News that Glasgow is again to be the best funded mainland local authority is again welcome news from the SNP. As usual The Western Isles, Shetland and Orkney get most from the Scottish Government per head of population. This is widely accepted as necessary because of the extra costs they face of being entirely island communities. However, of the remaining 29 council areas, Glasgow has again come out top. It goes to prove the SNP’s huge commitment to our City.

Clearly other authorities are jealous of Glasgow’s position and would like to get their hands on some of the extra cash! But John Swinney and the SNP have made it clear that Glasgow faces great challenges and must continue to be the best funded authority apart from the islands. Glasgow has a much greater proportion of poverty, drug addiction, low life expectancy, and other problems compared to other parts of Scotland. John Mason said, “Glasgow is a tremendous city but we do have our problems. That is why the SNP is insisting Glasgow must remain the best funded mainland local authority. I accept that other parts of the country face challenges too. And Labour have tried to shift funding from Glasgow to Edinburgh by supporting the Edinburgh tram scheme. But the SNP will stand by Glasgow even if Labour abandons it.”

The key figures are that Glasgow is to get £2,617 per head in 2011/12 as against a Scottish average of £2,128 and Edinburgh’s figure of £1,821. Other Scottish cities are getting £2,322 per head (Dundee) and £1,782 (Aberdeen).