27 Aug 2010

John Mason has welcomed Tesco’s current emphasis on Scottish products. Their main concentration seems to be at the Silverburn shopping centre on the south side. But is good to see some emphasis too in their other stores. He was impressed to visit their Shettleston store this week and see many Scottish goods prominently displayed near the entrance.

Products such as soup, jam, sweets, biscuits, and soft drinks show that Scotland does produce high quality goods. Clearly there are other Scottish products like meat, milk, butter, whisky, and beer which are also on sale in most supermarkets. People around the world associate produce from Scotland as being of a high quality and trustworthy.

Of course one of the problems is that sometimes Scottish products are a bit more expensive than imported ones. And many folk are having to purchase the cheapest items because budgets are so tight. However, for those who can afford it, if we buy Scottish goods it means that there will be more jobs in Scotland for us, our families, and our communities.

John Mason said, “I’m sure many of us could not pay a lot more just to buy a Scottish product. But when there is good quality jam and beer on sale for just a little more than the imported stuff, it is good if we can support Scottish workers by buying their products.” Why jam and beer? “Well that’s what I was buying yesterday!”