17 Apr 2010

Every SNP candidate will sign a Community Charter – a pledge of accessibility, accountability and openness – that is their commitment to Scotland’s voters.

The Commitment, launched today by SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon and Glasgow East candidate John Mason, forms part of the SNP’s manifesto and sets out the standards SNP members will follow if elected as Scotland’s local and national champions.

At the heart of the Commitment is a promise to protect public services and to put the interests of constituents first.

Joining SNP Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon to sign the Commitment Glasgow East candidate John Mason said:

“The public has the right to expect high standards of honesty, openness and transparency which is exactly what they’ll get from the SNP.

“Metropolitan politicians have repeatedly failed Scotland and failed their constituents. From offices in their front rooms instead of on the high streets, to living in London and commuting to the constituency when it should be the other way around.

“The public deserve politicians who will work for them, not work for themselves and who will protect public services, not their own interests.

Depute Leader Nicola Sturgeon added:

“This is about MPs doing their job properly. Too often in the past many MPs have failed to live up to their constituents expectations.

“John Mason has set the standard for all new MPs and SNP MPs are consistently among the hardest working in the Parliament.

“Where the Westminster machine has let Scotland down, SNP MPs have fought for Scotland’s people. Where others have lived it up at the taxpayers’
expense SNP MPs will work for the taxpayer.

“John has put his community and his constituents first.

“SNP MPs will always open local offices, hold regular surgeries and be accessible to their constituents. That is at the heart of our commitment to Scotland’s communities.

“At this election instead of electing a typical Westminster politician communities across Scotland can elect champions, like John Mason, who will put the people first, who will be on their side and who will champion their interests.”

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A clip of John Mason – setting out the standards for MPs should follow is at:


Protect local services. Protecting local services is my number one priority. I will argue for cuts to fall on trident nuclear weapons not public services.

Constituency Office. I will open a constituency office as soon as possible that is in an accessible location and where I can always be contacted.

Regular Consultation. I will publish a monthly newsletter and make this available to all constituents. I will use this to conduct regular surveys of opinion in the constituency to keep me informed of the things that matter most to you.

Fortnightly Surgeries. I will hold a minimum of four surgeries a month, advertised locally across the constituency and will hold regular public meetings for constituents.

Openness on Expenses. I will publish all my office and personal expenses as an MP online and where the rules are tighter, will follow the restrictions on expenses that are in place in the Scottish Parliament.