08 Apr 2010

John Mason has asked what Labour has to hide after Gordon Brown again ducked the subject of recent events affecting the Labour party in Glasgow and their operation of Glasgow City Council.

Asked at Prime Minister’s Questions what Labour has to hide from an investigation the Prime Minister refused to answer – despite former leader Steven Purcell reportedly backing an inquiry and Labour donor Willie Haughey also supporting an independent audit.

John Mason, MP for Glasgow East and the only non-Labour MP in the city said:

“What have Labour got to hide? The more Brown refuses to answer questions and the more Labour dodge these serious issues for the city the more suspicious Labour’s actions look.

“Labour have to answer why they do not want an investigation to get to the bottom of these allegations and clean up the reputation of this city.

“Brown has still to answer SNP questions from three weeks ago over what Downing St staff knew and when of Steven Purcell’s personal problems.

“With reports today that staff at CORDIA one of the companies Steven Purcell created are facing jobs losses from Labour budget cuts – days after it was revealed this company paid for drinks parties attended by Steven Purcell Labour’s refusal to even discuss this issue is a betrayal of the people of Glasgow.

“As Labour’s culture of secrecy lets the city down and people risk losing their jobs over Labour’s cuts in the city it is more clear than ever that Glasgow needs local champions to speak up for the people of this city and to protect them from Labour cuts.”

More info:

1) Details of the possible job losses at Cordia can be found at:

2) Details of Cordia hosting dinners for key Labour figures are at: