John Mason hits out at Labour over ‘scaremongering’ leaflets

23 Apr 2010

John Mason today called on Labour to withdraw all leaflets claiming that bus passes will be cut. In fact, the SNP has guaranteed the bus pass and is extending it to include disabled veterans.

The leaflets were exposed in the Leaders Debate last night when Brown denied Labour were issuing such claims.

Labour candidates across the country – including high profile Scottish examples such as Margaret Curran – are scaremongering over cuts to the concessionary bus pass.

Demanding the leaflets be withdrawn SNP candidate in Glasgow East John Mason said:

“If you cannot trust Labour on this, what can you trust them on.

“Labour must withdraw these leaflets now. They are needlessly scaring Scotland’s pensioners in a desperate scramble for votes.

“These leaflets are the worst kind of politics and Brown and his party should know better.

“The truth is the bus pass is being extended and Labour’s claims are utter rubbish.

“Voters across the country have had enough of this kind of behaviour from oliticians. Labour must destroy all these leaflets immediately”