East End MP demands action to save Shettleston jobs

31 Mar 2010

John Mason, the SNP MP for Glasgow East, has written to the UK Transport Minister, Lord Adonis, calling for him to intervene to save 75 Shettleston jobs.

Jarvis plc, one of the UK’s main railway and infrastructure services firms, went into administration at the beginning of the week. The company is a significant employer in Shettleston, with around 75 staff being based at the area’s STRC Yard. The Jarvis group of companies employs around 2,000 staff throughout the UK.

As well as having written direct to the UK Transport Minister, John has also contacted his SNP colleague, Stewart Stevenson MSP, who is the Scottish Transport Minister. The East End MP is also backing a House of Commons motion (EDM 1196) which seeks to support the rail workers.

John Mason says:

“Jarvis seems to be experiencing severe difficulties as a result of Network Rail’s decision to defer approximately one-third of all rail renewal work. It’s this decision that has affected the 75 Jarvis Rail employees based in my constituency.

“The East End cannot afford to lose these jobs, and I am determined to do all that I can to keep them. That is why I am calling on the UK Government to intervene. They are the main funders of Network Rail, and the campaign to save jobs will depend on the attitude that Lord Adonis adopts.

“I am calling on Network Rail to take rail renewal work in-house to protect the employment of Jarvis workers. Their skills are vital for the future of the railway, and these jobs are vital to the East End.”

Text of EDM 1196:

That this House notes with dismay that the rail renewal company Jarvis has been placed in administration and that 2,000 jobs are now under threat; believes that Jarvis’s dedicated rail workers have provided a vital public service and deserve full support at this difficult time; further notes that a key factor in the company going into administration was the decision of Network Rail to defer 30 per cent. of its rail renewals work; urges Network Rail to take this renewals work in-house to protect the employment of Jarvis workers and their skills which are vital for the future of the railway; and urges the Government, as the primary funder of Network Rail, to intervene as necessary to protect the jobs, wages and pensions of these rail workers.