21 Jan 2010

John Mason, SNP MP for Glasgow East, has condemned the Labour party’s deceit over the Glasgow Airport Rail Link. This was exposed yesterday (Wednesday) as they failed to use their ONE remaining opportunity to put forward proposals to reinstate the project. Labour also failed to ask the Scottish Parliament to reject the Government’s budget.

In contrast to Labour’s deceit, the SNP Government was honest from the start of the budget process that there is no longer enough money in capital budgets for the Glasgow Airport Rail Link or to sustain the project in future years.

John Mason, who has represented the East End at Westminster since 2008, said:

“Labour has deceived the people of Glasgow and played games with Scotland’s budget. In the current climate no one will welcome their empty gestures and broken promises over serious spending commitments.

“Labour has known for months that funding cuts from their Government in London left the Scottish Government without the money to pay for the Airport Link.

“To reinstate GARL, money would have to come from cutting another programme.

“Instead of facing up to those difficult decisions Labour took the easy option and voted against freezing council tax, help for small businesses, funding for affordable housing and more support for Scotland’s students – a decision that they will struggle to live down.

“As a Glasgow MP, I remain committed to GARL. But money does not grow on trees and with budgets tightening this year and major cuts coming from Westminster for the next ten years it would have been irresponsible for the SNP to pretend this project could continue.

“The SNP was honest with the people of Glasgow. Labour have spread deceit. Labour have done nothing more than posture and gripe without delivering a single alternative proposal.”