Airport monopoly hurts Glasgow passengers, says East End MP

21 Dec 2009

John Mason, the SNP MP for Glasgow East, has expressed disappointment at the Competition Appeals Tribunal decision to overturn the Competition Commission’s ruling that BAA must sell some of its airports including either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

John Mason, who represents the East End in the House of Commons, thinks that it would be better for Glasgow if the BAA was forced to sell one of its main Scottish airports. Speaking earlier today (21 December), he said:

“In the aftermath of Globespan having gone into administration, it is vitally important that Glasgow Airport attracts new routes. I think that this is more likely to be achieved if Glasgow and Edinburgh airport are owned by different companies, rather than both operated by BAA.

“With one operator owning two airports within an hour’s drive of each other there is little incentive for them to introduce competition on routes, tickets or charges.

“This monopoly on air travel in Scotland is compounded by flights forced to go through London hubs. Scots travellers are being charged twice and paying fares considerably over the odds. Competition between airports could bring considerably more direct flights.”