Mason highlights fireworks concerns in the House

04 Nov 2009

John Mason has taken part in a House of Commons debate on fireworks sales and safety. The Glasgow East MP would like to see fireworks sales restricted to the week before Guy Fawkes Night, and see a reduction in the maximum noise level that fireworks are legally permitted to create.

Commenting after having spoken in the House of Commons, the East End MP said:

“Like most people, I appreciate a well-organised fireworks display. But fireworks do create extra problems with anti-social behaviour in our communities. Many of our pets are also terrified by fireworks noise, and sometimes animals can iterally be stressed to death.

“I am not calling for a complete ban on fireworks, or a complete ban on sales to the public, but I think we could tighten the rules a bit.

“I have seen fireworks being fired across our streets, and people have told me about having fireworks put through their letterboxes. We clearly have a problem that needs to be addressed.”