Mason calls for ‘naming & shaming’ on minimum wage compliance

27 Oct 2009

John Mason, the MP for Glasgow East, has welcomed the publication of a new report, from the House of Commons Select Committee on Scottish Affairs, on the enforcement of the minimum wage in Scotland.

The East End MP, who has frequently called for the UK Government to increase the minimum wage, has echoed calls for London Ministers to do more to enforce compliance, including the ‘naming and shaming’ of those employers who break the law.

Commenting on the issue, John Mason said:

“In the East End, and across the City, there are many people who work in sectors that have traditionally had a very low average wage. It is important that these workers are given a good level of protection.

“For the most part, local employers are responsible and comply with employment legislation, ensuring that their staff enjoys terms and conditions that delivers at least the minimum wage. However, occasionally there are those who are less scrupulous.

“It is unacceptable for any employer to ignore Minimum Wage legislation, and I would like to see the UK Government step-up action on non-compliance, including the ‘naming and shaming’ of rogue employers who refuse to pay staff properly for the work that they do.

“Where employers break minimum wage law, it is low paid workers who are the victims. That’s why we need more action on this area.”