East End MP delighted as ‘Right to buy’ comes to an end

18 Sep 2009

John Mason, the MP for the East End, has welcomed the new plans for housing that will form a key part of the Scottish Government’s programme for the year ahead.

More local people contact the Glasgow East MP on housing issues than on any other single subject, with Mr Mason having dealt with just under 300 individual cases since he was elected in July 2008.

John Mason believes that, if passed at Holyrood, the new laws will bring about an end to the ‘right to buy’ on new-build social housing, bring greater protection for those facing repossession and end the risk of people being made homeless because of small amounts of debt.

Expressing his views on these moves, John Mason says:

“With the first real programme of council house building in decades now underway across the country, abolishing the ‘right to buy’ on new-build social housing will mean that these new homes will stay in the public sector.

“Many people bought their homes from the City Council and local housing associations under the ‘right to buy’ scheme, but these houses were never replaced. That’s why we have had a shortage of good quality public-rental homes in the East End. The ‘right to buy’ policy caused the reduction in social housing currently felt across Glasgow, and I am glad to see the back of it.

“Provided these new laws are passed at Holyrood, they will also protect families who face losing their homes because of small amounts of debt. That is a move that will be welcomed in the East End and across the City.”


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