Labour accused of ‘crocodile tears’ over Thatcher apology

05 May 2009

John Mason, SNP MP for Glasgow East, has accused the local Labour Party of crying ‘crocodile tears’ over Mrs Thatcher’s legacy in Glasgow, following a weekend visit to the city by the former Tory prime minister.

Speaking from London earlier today (Tuesday), Mr Mason, who is the SNP Work & Pension spokesman, said:

“Everyone knows that Mrs Thatcher was a disaster for Scotland, but it is a nonsense for Labour to pretend that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have been any different.

“Despite our being in a severe recession, Gordon Brown’s Government is now set to preside over a cut of five hundred million pounds in Scotland’s funding. Despite Mrs Thatcher’s anti-Scottish bias, these Brown cuts are more severe than anything that the Iron Lady imposed on us.

“Labour has had 12 years in power and has done nothing to boost police numbers in the East End, while the SNP Government has increased police on the beat since 2007. Despite their pitiful record, local Labour politicians have the cheek to attack the Scottish Government on anti-social behaviour issues.”

Mr Mason concluded:

“Labour are bringing in a Welfare Reform Bill that will crush poorer people and lone parents in our constituency. They support spending billions of pounds on Trident nuclear submarines on the Clyde. In short, they are just the same as the Tories.

“Labour are looking for Mrs Thatcher to apologise to the City of Glasgow. But when are they going to apologise?”