Stamp price hike bad news for business, says Mason

07 Apr 2009

The SNP MP for Glasgow East, John Mason, has described yesterday’s (Monday) increase in the price of stamps as ‘yet another blow to small businesses and those on fixed incomes’.

The price of a first class stamp is now 39p, with a second class stamp costing 30p. The Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Next Day service has also increased in price, up 35p to £4.95 for mail weighing up to 100g.

Commenting, Mr Mason said:

“This is yet another blow to small businesses and those on fixed incomes.

“These are substantial increases which will hit those who rely on the Royal Mail – individuals and small businesses – very hard indeed.

“Those East End businesses that do not have access to alternative carriers or bulk mailing arrangements will suffer as a direct result of this increase.

“Although many people now use email as an alternative to the post, those folk who continue to rely on letters for their family and personal communication will be hard hit. It will tend to be pensioners and those on fixed incomes that are affected, and this price hike is a cruel blow to them in the midst of a recession.

“Royal Mail should have been fighting for all the custom it can get, not driving folk away with eye-watering price hikes. I fear that this could well be a sign of things to come if Lord Mandleson pushes on with his crazy privatisation plans.”