Local MP welcomes Lightburn litter measures

11 Feb 2009

The East End’s MP, John Mason, has welcomed commitments given by Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCS) to tackle litter in the Lightburn area of his constituency.

The SNP MP for Glasgow East contacted GCS in January, after having been approached by residents of Torphin Walk concerned about the prevalence of litter in their area.

Mr Mason was impressed by the response that he received from GCS, in which they agreed to step up the number of Community Enforcement Officer (CEO) patrols in the area, in addition to deploying a mobile CCTV unit.

Welcoming this development, Mr Mason said:

“Credit where credit is due, I approached Community & Safety Services in order to highlight a particular problem and they have responded to my concerns.

“As well as stepping up enforcement patrols and making use of a mobile CCTV unit, GCS are also contacting local organisations and community groups in order to explore the idea of a community clean-up campaign.

“Only time will tell whether these anti-litter efforts are successful over the longer term, but I would like to commend Glasgow Community & Safety Services and their staff for the positive approach that has been taken in this case.”


Glasgow Community & Safety Services is a partnership between the City Council, Strathclyde Police, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and the Glasgow Housing Association.