East End MP raises firearms questions with UK Home Secretary

19 Feb 2009

The transfer of powers over firearms from Westminster to Scotland should take place as soon as possible, according to one member of the House of Commons.

The SNP MP for Glasgow East, John Mason, has written to the UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, calling on her to drop her opposition to the move and act as soon as possible to help local police forces tackle our firearms problems effectively.

The East End MP said:

“Glasgow needs gun laws that work, and that means transferring these powers to the Scottish Parliament.

“This would allow Holyrood to look at bringing in a ban on airguns or, at the very least, introducing a licensing scheme. That is something that has cross-party support and, more importantly, widespread support here in the East End.

“Airguns cause more injuries per head in Scotland than in England, with our part of Glasgow having seen some very tragic incidents in recent years.

“As the UK Government does not intend to make this issue a priority, I hope that they will see common sense and work with the Justice Secretary to put powers over firearms where they belong, with the Scottish Parliament. Only then we will see the kind of action on airguns that will benefit communities across the East End, and the city of Glasgow as a whole.”