SNP Conference demands energy action

16 Oct 2008

SNP Glasgow East by-election victor John Mason and Glenrothes candidate Cllr Peter Grant today brought the concerns of their voters over rising fuel prices to SNP Conference in Perth.

SNP Conference unanimously backed calls for Westminster to take real action to tackle rising fuel prices this winter with a payment of £100 for pensioners and a VAT holiday on energy bills for all households amongst the measures that should be introduced.

Speaking after he received a rousing welcome to conference SNP MP for Glasgow East John Mason said: “In the Glasgow East by-election the issue on the doorsteps was the rising cost of food and fuel. Even in July people were concerned about how they would pay their energy bills.

“In Glasgow East people chose to send a message to Westminster that it was time for action on fuel prices. They sent that message by voting SNP.

“Now the voters of Glenrothes can send a message to Westminster that we need real action to help families in Fife and across Scotland meet their gas and electricity bills this winter.

Speaking at Conference Peter Grant, SNP Candidate for Glenrothes said: “On every doorstep in Glenrothes people are calling for action to tackle rising energy costs.

“The pensioner I met whose fuel bill reached £300 in the summer or the family I met with Alex Salmond whose bills have increased by £25 a week, they need to know how they will pay their bills this winter.

“Warm words from Gordon Brown won’t heat homes this winter.

“The people of Glasgow East sent a message to Gordon Brown that it was time for action, now it’s the turn of Glenrothes.”


[b]Fuel Poverty[/b]

[i]Conference expresses concern at the rise in domestic gas and electricity bills of 40% since January 2008 which could push an estimated 30,000 people into fuel poverty including 13,000 people in the Glenrothes constituency.

Conference welcomes the efforts of the Scottish Government to target fuel poverty including the record number of central heating installations in the SNP’s first year in government and calls on the UK Government to take action to address the rising costs of energy bills this winter including introducing a VAT holiday on gas and electricity bills this winter, an additional £100 for all pensioners this winter to meet fuel bills, to reduce the costs of energy efficiency measures and calls on the UK Government to provide access to Scotland’s fossil fuel levy surplus of £120 million.[/i]