Mason takes message to Treasury – SNP MPs back ‘SHOUT’ campaign against tax office closure

30 Jul 2008

SNP MP John Mason, the newly elected member for Glasgow East, will come to the House of Commons for the first time today (Wednesday) for a series of meetings with Parliamentary officials.

Speaking outside Parliament, Mr Mason said: “While the Parliamentary recess prevents me from taking my oath immediately, I will provide all the services an MP should in Glasgow East. That is why I have come to London to take the first steps towards getting my office up and running.

“The people of Glasgow East put their faith in me. They had been without the representation they deserve for far too long and they want a change. I will not disappoint them. I am determined to be a high profile and high visibility MP, tackling the issues that matter to the people of my constituency.

“We asked the people of Glasgow East to send a message on food and fuel prices to Gordon Brown and I will deliver that message. This huge swing to the SNP would leave one Labour MP in Scotland – it’s time for Labour to listen.”